BRB, Just Dissociating…

If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I have a disorder called OSDD-1B. This is a dissociative disorder that is similar to dissociative identity disorder. This is when you form other personalities to be able to endure trauma.

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This list of terms (credits to holly gray) might be handy for understanding my posts:

Alter. I define alters as dissociated parts of self that:

  • operate independently
  • perceive themselves and the world in their own, unique way
  • have either the capacity to assume control of the mind and body, or
  • the ability to exert enough influence to impact the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of the presenting alter.

Host. The personality state that spends the most time out, interacting with the world.

Integration. The blending of two or more alters. Some people with DID achieve total integration – complete fusion of all alters into one reasonably cohesive, though still multi-faceted identity.

Losing time. When people with Dissociative Identity Disorder experience dissociative amnesia, it often feels as though a chunk of time is missing. This can be anywhere from minutes to years.

Multiple. Because DID was known as Multiple Personality Disorder in the United States until 1994, and is still referred to as such in other countries, multiple is widely used shorthand for someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Parts. Another word for alters.

System. We refer to all alters of an individual with Dissociative Identity Disorder as a system. This particular word really deserves it’s own, more in-depth post to properly explain why we say system rather than, for example, team or group. I worked with a doctor once who used the term self-system, which I like very much as it reinforces that we are all really parts of one self, though we experience ourselves separately.

I hope you think the posts are interesting. ♥