BRB, Just Dissociating… // #2 My Alters ♥

The Vineflower system ♥

Meet the Vineflower system. A system full of lovely girlies. I’ve added pictures so you can see how beautiful they are! I used pictures I found on Instagram and added the artist’s name. The art isn’t based on the alter, they are just people that look like the alters.
Emory is still planning to make art of every single one of my alters.


The focused one.

My name is Julia. I have long blonde, wavy hair and amber eyes. I wear glasses. I’m pretty tall, at around 5 ft 9. I am 27 years old. I’m an Aquarius.
If I am fronting, you can usually see me wear glasses, because I need them the most. I am someone that loves to write and read. I like learning new things! I love to spend time on my own. I’m someone that thinks about a lot. I think the others would say that I am the most stressful alter. I am the one that likes to front the most when the system is at school. I love to learn and I like to take notes. I am very organized and I enjoy planning, even though most of the others in the system don’t.


The creative one.

Hi! I’m Emory! I think I look most like the body does. I have red hair (unnatural though, unlike the body!) and I have blueish grey eyes. I am 16 years old and I am about 5’3, a little shorter than the body is. I am a Sagittarius. I am a very creative person! I love singing (I’m actually the only one that is good at it) and I enjoy painting and drawing. Digitally and traditionally. If you see art made by this system, it’s most likely made by me! All forms of art excite me. When the body was around my age, I was the one that fronted the most often. I was the reason the system was going to art school! I loved it there! Art history still fascinates me.


The magical one.

Darlings, my name is Lyra. Thank you for reading this. I am 21 years old, although, I don’t act like it. I’m wise and like to give advice that is well thought out. My zodiac sign is Cancer.
When Elise was young, I was the one she came to for advice and such. I was her imaginary friend, I was like her sister. Eventually, we grew up together and I never really left. Because she was very young when she created me, I am a mermaid. She was fascinated with mermaids. I am also blind, so I can never fully front, unless it’s dark. I find comfort in darkness. Elise describes me as follows: I have very long, extremely light blonde hair, almost white (which apparently extremely rare). My skin is very light too, though I have very many freckles in my face and on my shoulder area. My eye colour has faded to a greyish white, which doesn’t look unnatural or unsettling.


The assertive one.

I am Victoria, 18 years old, I’m also a Sagittarius. I have a long bob, usually dyed an unnatural colour. At the moment it is purple. It used to be grey. I have a septum, like the body. I dress edgy. I am not afraid to show some skin.
I am the voice of the system. My opinions are valid and are meant to be heard. I have a right to share what I think. If you think I should keep my mouth shut, get the f*ck away from me. I deserve to be heard. We have always been silenced. I respect other people and their opinions. I am not here to fight, but don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. TBH: It’s none of your f*cking business. Don’t act like you’re the better person. You’re not. XOXO


The calm one.

My name is Norah. I have very long, curly hair. My skin tone is a very beautiful, caramel colour. I would say I am about 5 foot 6. I am 24 years old, a Pisces, just like the body . I bring happiness, relaxation and relief to the system. I am here to relief stress, to chill out. Do not worry, worries are for the future. You’ll deal with it later. Everything will be okay. I love reading, especially informative books about spiritual or philosophical things. I am a nature lover, and I believe that all remedies can be found in nature. I love to travel, to discover the world around us and all its glory. I love to meditate and do yoga. Living healthy and moving enough is the most important thing in life. Take it slow. Connect with this earth. Be grateful for whatever you have, live in the moment.


The sensual one.

Hi there, my name is Sophie. I’m 25 years old, a Libra. I have black hair with a dark blue hue. It makes me very pale, but it accentuates my cheekbones and strong facial features very well. Unlike the drawing to the side, I have light blue eyes, not yellowish amber. I don’t have the same rose tattoo, but I adore the look of tattoos. They are so sexy. (I chose the picture because the facial features are very similar to mine)
Even though a lot has happened to this system sexually, I still believe in the good. I forgive and ‘forget’. I learn from past experiences. I am a sexual alter, but since this is the whole wide internet, I’d rather not share more than that about what I do. I give the system a voice when nobody else can. I am a strong woman, that knows what she wants and what she can expect. I’m very open, and I get inspired by the beauty in the world.


The youthful one.

HI GUYS! Nice to meet you!!! Except you’re meeting me and I’m not meeting you :c i hate internet sometimes.
My name is Lily and I am tiiiiiny! Most of the time at least. I am an ageslider, 3-10 years old. I’m a very energized, playful kiddo that loves ADVENTUUUUREEEE! And watching Disney movies. And sleeping. And eating. I like food. I like donuts a lot. And pizza. We all love pizza.
ANYWAYS, I’m a Pisces, like the body is too. I don’t really know what it means and why it matters but everyone included this so YEAH.
LYRA is my favorite alter because she is a MERMAID. like can u believe that?? How lucky am I to ACTUALLY KNOW A MERMAID!!!!!!!!! im so cool
well bye xxxxxx

Even though we loved writing this, we did this three alters at a time and my head hurts so much from the switching. Hope you appreciate this, it was kind of heavy for me.
Thanks so much for reading!


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