Personal // My New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

While writing this, I already accidentally started to type 2018. These first few months are going to be hard.

This is the first year I wrote my new year’s resolutions. Yep. As far as I can remember, I have never written resolutions before. So why not get started in the new year? Here they are.

  1. I will finally find ways to love and accept myself.
  2. I will take breaks when I need them. I don’t need to finish things quickly. I’d rather take my time to  make something beautiful, than rush something that has potential.
  3. I will make the time to take care of myself. I will become my own best friend.
  4. I will ask others for help when I need it. I am not supposed to be afraid to ask others for help. 
  5. I will allow myself to think and dream big.
  6. I will express myself in (new) creative ways. 
  7. I will put more time in my blog. I will post things that inspire me, and research things that interest me. I want to educate people. 
  8. I will start a YouTube channel. Or stop postponing it.
  9. I will read more. I will fall in love with reading again by reading good books. (Hmmmm… Okay, audiobooks count too.)
  10. I will write more often. (Journals, book and blog.)
  11. I will get to know myself better.
  12. I will try to eat three meals a day.
  13. I will take time to do the things that I love doing.
  14. I will acknowledge the positive side of my disorder, and share it if I think it will help others.
  15. I will be happy.

I hope you can get some inspiration of my resolutions and write your own! Feel free to share them with me on Instagram or Twitter and tag me @elviavineflower.

Good luck, and have a great 2019.


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